Jei (takaishihoshi) wrote,

So, we got a house.

Gonna go on Friday to put down the security deposit and the rent for the rest of the month. (Thx Sam! :D)

Hey Greer could you stay over X-mas weekend to help with the move <3 And do you have an idea of what you're bringing?

I really want to find a truck. Especially if we're going to get a washer and dryer. Speaking of which...we need to find some. We have hookups. For both an electric dryer or a gas dryer. (Are electric dryers cheaper?)

We can find one cheap on Craigslist. But, we need to find a way to get them moved. Though. That would involve a truck. I should have kept the pickup truck

I would upload piccies.. but I need bluetooth to connect to my phone and thats where the piccies are.

Later. Need to pack and clean
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