Jei (takaishihoshi) wrote,

Houses and such

So, the guy who owns the house we looked at the other night called and wanted to know how interested we were in the place. That makes me feel hopeful.

Just need to figure out the rooming situations.

And the furniture situation.

Lets take an inventory.

Right now we have....
2 chairs.
One Queen size mattress (may not be a good thing to keep, considering space issues.)
One futon (kinda broken, need to get it fixed.)
Two TV's
Small entertrainment stand type thing.
Dining Room table.
Couple of lamps.

We may need :o
Another couch or two.
Diningroom table chairs.
Probably two twin/full sized beds.
Possibly two dressers.

Probably other stuff :D I dunno.
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